Marketing Services

Through the building of marketing capacity within our business, Hangin’ Monkey has been able to create and use innovative platforms and tools to market businesses in the Johannesburg region. These businesses have partnered with Hangin’ Monkey exclusively and we are able to offer these unique platforms to our clients.

Minibus TV

Minibus TV is a small TV channel based in Alberton, Ekhuruleni and produces its own content for the Alberton Taxi Industry. Screens have been strategically placed in a few taxis operating in the Alberton region and through this offering, +/- 2000 people can be reached on a daily basis.

The Minibus TV platform will launch in December 2016. For more details, follow us on Twitter – @hanginmonkey_

Minibus TV will launch in December 2016

The #Launch_Pad

The Hangin’ Monkey #Launch_Pad is a one day brand activation set to change the game.

The #Launch_Pad focuses purely on start up businesses with the aim of launching them into the entrepreneurial landscape of South Africa. The brand activation is recorded throughout the day and a video produced which companies can use on their websites. The #Launch_Pad also creates great networking opportunities for guests and the start up owner which can build the launching companies profile within a year.

Corporate Video and Photography

Hangin’ Monkey Branding House has partnered up with Neography Business Development Solutions to offer unique corporate video and photography services.

With a focus on SMME’s, Hangin’ Monkey will help you through the process of creating a corporate video and building a data base of images of your products and or services. These can in turn be used to create marketing material such as pamphlets, newsletters and brochures.


NeoGraphy specializes in Television production (corporate, music videos, live DVD recording and pilots). With a dedicated team of directors and producers, they produce high end content in accordance to client briefs. They are regarded as content creators and have capacity to handle any size project. Neography offers affordable indoor and outdoor photo shoots and professional final mix services.

Online Digital Marketing

Hangin’ Monkey is in the business of brand management. We offer clients monthly reports on how their brands are being perceived by the world at large through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media management. We monitor these accounts on your behalf and draw up monthly statistics on how the brand has performed and how to streamline future marketing efforts.

This service includes :

  • Newsletter generation for your brand. We supply the content, photos and oversee the distribution of this newsletter to potential and current clients.
  • Social Media Account management where we manage your social media accounts and share content with your following on your behalf. We respond to queries and ensure your brand is never mentioned in a negative way. We guarantee you a large following within 3 months of managing your accounts. content is king!
  • Website building and management.