The #BlackOut


The #BlackOut

The #BlackOut Campaign is the birth child of Ncebsi Maloba , a young lady from the East of Johannesburg who was tired of social media campaigns that did little to effect change in the plight of small businesses and entrepreneurs in and around South African Townships.

South Africa has a rich tapestry of small businesses and a township economy that could boom if enough support is given to it. In and around our communities, black businesses lack support at all levels and the need for change was realised. The #BlackOut campaign is aimed at garnering nationwide support  for small businesses ekasi and creating wealth for the kasi entrepreneur.

Hangin’ Monkey has partnered with the #BlackOut ladies in an effort to drive the campaign to greater heights and reach more people. Through campaigns as these, we envisage a boost in local product consumption and support for black business. On Saturday, 3 September 2016, we will #BlackOut South Africa and buy only from Black Business.

Here are a few things to do on the 3rd:

  • Get your car washed ekasi. Sit with the guys, play some music and enjoy the vibes with amaGents.
  • Buy your fruits and vegetables from local vendors. The produce is fresh and affordable and will surely complement your Sunday Meal.
  • Check out the Bicycle tours in Soweto. These are an absolute winner. Check out Vilakazi Street and many other attractions in Soweto.
  • Find a Shisa Nyama and have lunch with your mates. The meat is fresh and the company always awesome in these kind of areas.
  • Are your clothes torn and in need of some mending? Or maybe you need an outfit for heritage day? Find a local designer in your area and rock a new fresh look.
  • Your car giving you trouble or you need your couch to be re-upholstered? Look local!

Show your support this coming Weekend and share your experiences on social media under the hashtag #BlackOut, #ProudlySA and tag @hanginmonkey_ … we want to see photos of your day and we will re-post them on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.