The Launch_Pad

On the 12th of December 2015, Hangin’ Monkey and Flex Urban joined forces to host the 1st Annual #Launch_Pad which was held at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg.

The Setup for the Flex Urban #Launch_Pad

The #Launch_Pad is a one day brand activation for upcoming brands in the South African Market. The event is aimed at attracting attention to start ups and engaging with potential customers and/or end-users of their products/services. This platform allows small business owners to market themselves and their products/services to a targeted audience and build their brand.

People arriving at the Flex Urban Launch 

Flex Urban is a lifestyle blog showcasing the latest in urban culture and trendy living. The blog has already amassed a large following on Twitter (@flexurban) and subscription to the website itself. Founder of Flex Urban, Nhlanhla Mazibuko, started the company as just a blog and has grown it to include services such as Flex Urban TV, a clothing line and the latest content in music, clothing and technology to name a few.

People came out in numbers at the Flex Urban Launch and showed a lot support for the young blogger.

The Hangin’ Monkey #Launch_Pad is more than just about launching start ups. We’re also keen on networking. Guests at the #Launch_Pad get to engage with start up entrepreneurs and form partnerships on future endeavors.

The Flex Urban #Launch_Pad party started later and went right into the night. 

Drop us an email if you have any product launch ideas or want to launch your own brand into the South African entrepreneurial landscape.

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