The Start-Up Experience

Welcome to the Information Age

“There has never been a better and worse time in history to start a business”.. 

I heard these words in a Facebook video a few weeks ago and they resonated with me. We are in the Information Age. The internet has made access to information easy with powerful mobile devices and exceptional internet speeds available in some parts of SA, the journey to financial freedom couldn’t be simpler, but boy is it more difficult. People have become their own self help gurus. From getting medical advice online to ordering groceries on your mobile, the internet has definately shaped business products and services and how people consume them. 

So how does one use this amazing internet to start and run a business? Well Google it! Seriously! Everything is at your fingertips. All you need is a lot of data and a lot of passion in whatever field you choose to operate in. 

On of the best sites for information on starting a business is available on … 

So I registered my business, sold a few products, told my network about my business – what now? 

Well now starts the work. For people to buy into your vision, it needs to align to a need or want of theirs. Remember Maslows Hierachy? Your job is to sell this vision to your end users and make them believe they cannot not exist without it. Kind of how they advertise fruit juice or water. The images make you thirsty and subconsciously when you’re at a pay point at your favourite store, the little fridge next to the lady asking if you want a plastic has the exact same beverage and – bam you just spent R8.90 on a drink. It’s all designed and marketed in a way to make you act. 

That’s where perception creation comes in. It’s important to identify your market and align your branding to their thinking. Align your branding to their wants and needs because ultimately they keep your doors open. Certain elements become critical in creating these perceptions: 

  • Look and Feel of the entity. Are you a professional entity? Do you have business cards and a website? 
  • Do you know what it is you’re selling? Can you convince me I need it? Have you learnt the ins and outs of your product so well that you can convince a penny pincher to release the notes? 
  • Are you reputable? Can I do a quick search on Twitter and Facebook and see what your other customers thought of you? 

These are all very important. They are so important, it might even be worth your time to outsource the efforts. Branding and Marketing firms are there for exactly that reason. They analyse your market, look at trends, forecast the future and help you align your brand to fit in to where the market is going. Take Coca Cola for example. They are living in 2027 already. They recently introduced a better tasting Coke Zero and Coca Cola Life with a green – green touch to the red facade we came to know. They are aware that everyone wants to be healthy and that almost every guy and gal are taking their health seriously. So why not align their drink to your lifestyle then? They did it so well, that people adopted healthy lifestyles because Coca Cola made health look cool. 

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